My Name is Usman Farooq, I am a Digital Marketing / SEO Consultant

Usman Farooq, a vigorous Digital Media Marketer who through his vast experience in the field of Marketing has served a lot of marketing companies art multiple positions as a SEO Consultant, SEO Specialist, PPC Specialist & many more, he has performed an absolutely stupendous job in all of them. Through his excellent marketing research, influential and teamwork skills followed by creativity and imagination, Usman has incredibly catered all the requirements of the various companies so far with his great knowledge in the field of SEO whose scope is also at hype nowadays also trained a lot of people who are new and step into the field of Search Engine Optimization, aiming to pursue it as their career.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today we are in a Digital World; everything is being digital thanks to Internet. Internet is one of the best media for advertisement in anyway. If you run small business or have big industry or you are running your company website than you can promote your business online to attract a lot of clients. A corporate website increases visibility of your businesses. If your site is advertised on Internet, it will certainly draw so many visitors in contrast to other marketing options. As much as visitors visit the website its visibility will augment accordingly. You can boost visitors on your website with the help of promotion services by selecting a SEO (Search engine optimization) Services Provider.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)

In a fast changing highly competitive world .marketers are working untiringly to rank higher in the search engines, to put up their brands by means of social media and to turn clicks into a dollar sign. SEM (Search engine marketing) Services are at the forefront of Internet marketing world. SEM (Search engine marketing) Services have a proven record for getting businesses top search rankings and considerably more traffic. SEM (Search engine marketing) Services have done it for big brands like as well as smaller firms. SEM (Search engine marketing) Services do this for their clients by attaining top rankings for tremendously competitive keywords.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM (Social media marketing) Services is a new phenomenon through which organizations and business interact with society by means of new marketing channels. SMM (Social media marketing) Services offer numerous benefits to organizations by providing an added channel for client support, a means to get customer and competitive imminent, and a way of managing their repute online. Key factors that make sure its accomplishment are its significance to the customer, the worth it provides them with and the potency of the basis on which it is built.



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